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Nov 07, 2014Do NOT Appeal

On November 7, a federal judge ruled that denying the freedom to marry to same-sex couples is unconstitutional, a landmark victory for the Show-Me state. Loving same-sex couples who have waited years - even decades – could soon, finally, have the freedom to marry in the state they call home.
But the joyous win could be short-lived if Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster appeals the decision to the 8th Circuit, meaning Missouri's marriage ban would remain in effect as the appeal makes its way through court. For same-sex couples in Missouri, we know that one more day is just too long to wait.
That's why thousands of Missourians are standing with PROMO and calling on Attorney General Koster to drop his defense of the state’s marriage ban.
It's time for Attorney General Koster to stop defending discrimination in Missouri and let the federal ruling stand: Sign the petition asking him not to appeal the ruling here. 


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