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Sep 24, 201475 Diverse Clergy and Faith Leaders in Missouri Support the Freedom to Marry

A total of 75 faith and clergy leaders in Missouri have come together to say, “I support the marriage of ALL Missourians.” The 75 clergy and faith leaders represent a wide range of denominations from across the state of Missouri.

The petition started by the Show Me Marriage coalition (ACLU of Missouri, PROMO, Progress Missouri, and Freedom to Marry) stated, “Gay, lesbian, and bisexual couples in Missouri deserve the freedom to marry so they can make a lifetime commitment to the person they love and protect their families in the same way every other married couple does.”

On September 25, ACLU of Missouri will represent 10 plaintiff couples in a landmark marriage recognition case in the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City. Each of these clergy and faith leaders stand by the couples representing ALL Missourians. 

“As a Christian pastor, I support marriage equality not in spite of my faith but precisely because of it. Christ teaches that nothing is more valuable in a relationship than dignity, respect, mutuality and love, and I believe this holds true across all boundaries, including ones related to sexual orientation and gender identity.” Rev. Phil Snider from Springfield Missouri continues, “To not affirm relationships built on dignity, respect, mutuality and love is to keep people from being able to live into the fullness of life that God deeply longs for us to experience, and who are we to deny the gift of love when it finds its way into a world that is in such desperate need of it?"

For a full text of the pledge visit:

Below is a list of the 75 clergy and faith leaders from across Missouri that support the freedom to marry in Missouri.

Al Schon    United Church of Christ
Allen Grothe    Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ
Amy Chambers Cortright    Christ Church Cathedral
Ann Wilson    First Congregational Church of St Louis
Anton Jacobs    Country Club Congregational
Barbara Gadon    Eliot Unitarian Chapel
Betsy Happel    Kirkwood United Church of Christ
Brian Ellison    Covenant Network of Presbyterians
Brian Kirk    First Christian Church
Bruce Moeller    United Church of Christ
Carol Trissell    Spirit of Hope MCC
Chad Herring    John Knox Kirk
Chase Peeples    Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ
Chris Fillingham     Day Spring Baptist Church
Colleen Carroll    South Joplin Christian Church
Constance Lunn    St. Peters UCC, New Haven
Cynthia Bumb    Emmaus Homes
Darla Goodrich    Community Christian Church
David Arndt    Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ
David Johnson    Overland Baptist Church
David Lyon    Ivanhoe UCC
Deana Sussman    Central Reform Congregation
Diana M. Hagewood Smith    Grace United Methodist Church
Donna Simon    St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran Church
Dorothy Gannon    Epiphany United Church of Christ
Doug Alpert    Congregation Kol Ami
Heather Patten    First Christian Church
Holly McKissick    Peace Christian Church UCC
James "Buck" Firth    St. Luke's United Church of Christ
James Croft    The Ethical Society of St. Louis
Jane Fisler Hoffman    United Chirch of Christ
Jacquelyne Tyler    Glory to Glory Christian Church UCC
Janet Pillman    St. John Manchester
Jennifer Simmons    National Avenue Christian Church
Jessica Rowley    Sts. Clare & Francis
Jody Furnas-Wright    St Peters United Church of Christ, Kansas City
John Ellington    Country Club Congregational UCC
Joseph Rowley    Prince of Peace UCC
Josh Privitt    St. Peter's United Church of Christ
K'Lynne McKinley    Peace UCC
Karen Aitkens    Bethel United Church of Christ
Karen Eck    Friedens
Kate Lovelady    Ethical Society of St. Louis
Katie Hotze-Wilton    Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis
Keith Herron    St. Lucas UCC
Kimi Yokoyama    Community Christian Church
Kristin Aardema Faigh    Zion United Church of Christ, Mayview
Larissa Forsythe    St. Philip's
Laura Fregin    National Avenue Christian Church
Laura Guy    Living Water Christian Church
Lillie Brock    MCC of Greater St. Louis
Madeline Edwards    UCC
Marcia Fleischman    Broadway Church
Marilyn Stavenger    Peace United Church of Christ
Martin Rafanan    Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Mary Gene Boteler    Second Presbyterian Church
Meredith Jackson    Union Avenue Christian Church
Michael Kinman    Christ Church Cathedral
Molly Housh Gordon    Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia
Nichole Torbitzky    Hope United Church of Christ
Norman Arbo    Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ
Phil Snider    Brentwood Christian Church
Randy Fleisher    Central Reform Congregation
Robert Atkinson    Bethel United Church of Christ
Russell Hawkins    Country Club Congregational UCC
Scott Stearman    Kirkwood Baptist Church
Sharon Allmond    Unity Church of Peace
Steven E. Swope    Columbia United Church of Christ
Susan McCann    Grace Episcopal Church, Liberty
Susan Talve    Central Reform Congregation
Suzanne Shay    First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Suzanne Webb    Union Avenue Christian
Teresa Mithen Danieley    St. John's Episcopal Church, Tower Grove
Thomas Ressler    St. Paul United Church of Christ
Wes Mullins    Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis

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