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David and Bob

"We are grateful for the many strides that have been made to recognize our relationship and marriage, including Gov. Nixon's executive order to allow us to file taxes as a married couple."

David and Bob have been together for 7 years, and had previously worked with an attorney to establish legal rights in anticipation of anything happening to them since they were not recognized as married in Missouri.

In David's words, "Even though we shared a mortgage and joint accounts - there was always concern that if something happened my family would not allow Bob to participate in any decisions. With the Supreme Court decision, we knew it was time to get married, and then join the work in Missouri for full recognition."

Their pastor and his wife, as well as other friends and family made the journey with them to New York City and they were married in May of 2014. The following weekend, they had a larger ceremony at the church with many more family and friends, and a reception at a local country club in the St. Louis Missouri area.

Because Missouri does not recognize their marriage, David is unable to be covered by his husbands insurance.


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