Think all Missourians should be able to legally marry?

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Nikki and Mary

"Missouri needs to "show me marriage" because this is as real as it gets! We should all be able to marry equally."

Nikki and Mary Jane were classmates in grade school in the 70's.  They played kickball on the playground and had many of the same friends and teachers.  After they graduated 8th grade they went on to different high schools and colleges.  Ten years ago, a mutual grade school friend saw Mary Jane and called Nikki the day after, saying, "We MUST all get together!"  Not knowing how both of their lives had progressed in that span of time between 1984 and 2004, they all got together one night and caught up with stories.  Mary Jane and Nikki started hanging out, becoming friends, then becoming better friends, then basically attached at the hip.  They have a devoted partnership, tight friendship, and everlasting love.  They participated in a mass commitment ceremony at Pride St. Louis in June 2004, then, says Nikki, "finally married FOR REAL in Illinois on our anniversary weekend in June 2014."  


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